About Us

As you may know, rhinestones and jewels are incredibly fashionable today. Our background in the apparel industry has allowed us to take advantage of this trend by developing a line of rhinestone and glitter products.

For about twenty years now, we have supplied garment manufacturers throughout the four corners of the world with our trimming and accessory products. We carry many charms, necklaces, and broaches, in addition to other trim. We would like to introduce to you XS Gems.

XS Gems are rhinestones and glitter lettering that can be peeled and stuck-on to any clean surface i.e., cell phones, iPods, laptop computers, school notebooks and may even be used as body art. Customers can choose between ready-made designs and/or loose rhinestones to create their own patterns. A similar item can be found in novelty accessory stores today that retails at $20 to $30 a piece. XS Gems products are a fraction of the cost. XS Gems are unique, stylish and fashionable. They are available in numerous designs with the added attraction of glitter lettering at amazing prices and require minimum counter space.

Because of our overseas experience and operation, we control the means of production which allows us to create custom designs and delivery in a timely manner.

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